What do I want my adversaries to do?

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Changing the behaviour of your enemies and competitors in an adversarial context is not an easy challenge. However, it’s not as though you have a choice… and we can give you the tools you need to meet that challenge.

Artifice Ltd is a specialised training and consultancy company. Most of our work supports specialist teams tasked with national security. We also deliver bespoke services to corporations, elite sportspeople and the creative industries.

Our courses and consultancy services all exploit the Artifice™ System for deceptive thinking and influence. This rigorously developed set of models and support tools is the result of many years of development and application.

Artifice proudly supports
The National Cyber Deception Laboratory

Hosted by the UK MoD’s Defence Academy and Defence Cyber School.

The UK’s National Cyber Deception Laboratory will explore how technical assets such as honeypots and honey-tokens can be used to spy on and manipulate the activities of network attackers. Find out more

The Artifice System for Deceptive Thinking

Generates creative solutions to challenging problems

Supports the conception of activities outside of the target’s ability to make sense of what is really happening

Facilitates thinking outside the knowledge, mindset, and imagination of the target

Combines insight, cunning, creativity, simplicity and elegance

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