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ASC Deception, influence and behaviour change workshops for strategy development and team building

Duration 4 days

Delegates 5-30

To be human is to cheat and be cheated”

Bell and Whaley, 1982

The challenges of seeking competitive advantage in the civilian world are as complex as any military operation… If you are in any situation where you are being closely scrutinised by your competitors. When even a minor competitive edge can make a real difference to success. Where the stakes are high enough that you cannot leave any detail to chance. These are the characteristics of the environments that our materials are designed for. Forged in the furnace of combat and espionage, the Artifice System provides support and training to dedicated elite teams that dare to succeed at the leading edge of their occupations or sporting pursuits.

We can help you look at your issues with a fresh perspective. We can help your top people leverage their experience and express their ideas in ways that harness open-ended creativity while remaining intellectually rigorous. Contact us to discuss how we can take you into new competitive territory.

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