Course details

AS3 Cyber Deception Campaign Planning for Network Defence

Duration 4 to 5 days

Delegates 5 to 30

Ultimately it is the spectator’s mind which must be deceived, or there is no deception whatever. All of the apparatus we use, all of the secret gimmicks we employ, all of the sleights and stratagems we invoke – everything which identifies magic as mystery – the whole is designed to deceive the mind, and the mind alone, of the spectator.”

Dariel Fitzkee

Course outline

Our stimulating foundation workshop offers delegates the chance to explore the extraordinary contribution that the professional practice of Cyber Deception can make within a national security context.

Within the sessions you will encounter innovative ideas and rigorous theories from established fields of social science that are specifically designed to fuse with a practical technological tradecraft curriculum. There are also ample opportunities for practical workshops, where delegates apply Cyber Deception techniques to operationally realistic challenges.

All our courses utilise the Artifice™ System. Our unique system of models and tools augments, enhances and leverages deceptive thinking for active network defence, where deceptive thinking is the development of cunning, crafty, creative ways and means to get network attackers to do what you want. Our approach enables the realisation of new forms of competitive advantage in the very modern day adversarial setting of network defence.

Who the course is aimed at

The course has been designed for those conducting, planning or supporting Cyber Deception operations for the military or other members of the national security community. It is accessible to a diverse range of delegates that find themselves considering the challenges of behaviour change in those attacking their networks.

You will find the course really useful if you already have well-developed technical and analytical skills but lack the human factors background that would enhance your professional practice when conducting Cyber Deception activities against military or other wider attacker target sets.

If you are conducting intelligence and deterrence operations that are aimed at changing the behaviour of attackers – this is the course for you!

Course outcomes

The course provides comprehensive support to those conducting or planning network-based Cyber Deception activities. Our materials and approach are applicable to all network defence contexts irrespective of your specialist technology supplier choices. Over the 4 days you will be given the conceptual models and practical tool sets to amplify and extend your work as a network defender. We help you to think deceptively, in order that you can:

  • improve your probability of success when conducting Cyber Deception activities across your enterprise networks
  • identify the opportunity and any inherent risks in Cyber Deception related activities in an active network defence context
  • distinguish the environmental factors that indicate when Cyber Deception activities could be utilised
  • categorise and exploit intelligence feeds relevant to Cyber Deception targets
  • evaluate the practical, legal, moral and ethical considerations that relate to your use of Cyber Deception in an active network defence context
  • employ concepts from the behavioural, cognitive and wider social sciences in your conceptualisation of Cyber Deception activities
  • formulate measures for monitoring and evaluating your Cyber Deception activity
  • create a systematic Cyber Deception plan.

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